Being a Low Waste Business

Being a Low Waste Business

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This is engrained in us from a young age, but what does that actually mean for each individual? Using a reusable cup opposed to a plastic one? Ordering from companies that provide eco friendly shipping? Possibly buying recyclable items?

The possibilities are there and everyone might have their own approach at eliminating waste. As a business, we knew from the start we wanted to limit our waste impact as a whole. What does that mean, exactly, though?

Books and Bakery provides completely recyclable packaging. From the box, our shipping label, the packaging tape and our inside packaging. Our books contain our logo sticker that is recyclable as well, so customers can feel good about removing our sticker without adding to their own home's waste. Most of our inventory consists of used books. While we do get new inventory and new books, we attempt to limit this to keep our waste down. When placing orders and choosing wholesalers, we look for businesses that share similar eco friendly views as us.

It isn't entirely possible to be absolutely zero waste as a business. That won't stop us from trying our best and doing our part.

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