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Just Keep Stimming Pin

Just Keep Stimming Pin

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Pin reads: Just Keep Stimming

Lightweight and durable

Safety pin backing

Product made by an #actuallyautistic creator.


What is Stimming?:

Stimming behavior includes engaging in movements or sounds created in a repetitive nature related to self-stimulation. The behavior is common in people with autism, except it may lead to problems if it gets out of control. Autistic individuals may engage in stimming that is different from typical stimming because the actions vary by quantity and type while being more obvious than other related behaviors. Many people engage in some form of stimming, but it may not appear as obvious to some as others. When it becomes disruptive, it may affect how one lives daily and should be addressed as soon as possible.


The actions associated with stimming related to autism may include actions that are noticeable such as finger flicking, pacing, tapping their face or arm with their fingers, or flapping their hands. These actions may look odd, but they differ because they are associated with a person’s behavior. Common forms of stimming that many of us do but are less obviously recognized as stims may include tapping a pencil on a desk, twisting the hair around your finger, or biting your nails. The following content takes a look at stimming behavior examples and management options.

(Information from various online websites such as

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Customer Reviews

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I absolutely love this pin, and I am so excited to show it off! I also got it as a sticker, too! Thanks so much for the handwritten note Alex! Let’s just keep stimming!!