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Idiots: Marriage, Motherhood, Milk & Mistakes

Idiots: Marriage, Motherhood, Milk & Mistakes

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Author: Laura Clery






In her first book, Idiot, bestselling author Laura Clery gave us mind-blowingly personal life stories about addiction, toxic relationships, and recovery—establishing herself as the preeminent voice of infinite conviction meets zero impulse control. Here she is two kids later asking, “How did we get here?” Sex. Sex is how we got here.


Laura’s life has changed a great deal since she wrote Idiot, but her hilarious candor has only increased with motherhood—plus she tells some of the stories she was too scared to tell in her first book (which is really saying something). In Idiots, Laura shares more than anyone ever asked for about:


-Mucus plugs, vacuum extraction, and adult diapers

-Dousing doulas, VagTime, and pelvic organ prolapse

-Vaginismus, laxative overdose, and accidental lactivism

-Placenta pills, mom brain, and vibrator manifestation

-Nipple-twisting orgies and flinging a butt burrito in your doctor’s face

-ADHD, autism, postpartum depression, and the wisdom of a ninety-eight-year-old sage named Anne

-Unsolicited dick, sexual assault, and sister-drugging

-Stephen’s cheating, Laura’s cheating, fights, and forgiveness

-Choosing love over fear and healing the world


Laura does not hold back when it comes to sharing stories of screw-ups, triumphs, and learning from her mistakes. Whether she’s crying into a diaper in a Whole Foods parking lot or desperately soliciting advice from a random elderly stranger (who has most certainly considered a restraining order), Laura is able to laugh at herself even during her worst moments—more important, she makes us laugh, cry, and feel less alone in the world.

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